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Blending luxury safari experiences with conservation & social impact.

Ameliya is a luxury safari company that focuses on conservation and thus, every itinerary is tailor-made to your needs and for its positive impact on the fragile ecosystems of wildlife destinations.

Safari experiences with Ameliya bring you face-to-face with the most iconic animals on our planet in some of the most remarkable locations across India and Africa, ensuring that you return home a different person- not only rejuvenated by nature’s spectacles, but also knowing that you have helped support and sustain the people, places, and wildlife you visited

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Start your morning with a fresh cup of coffee as you get ready for the day listening to nature’s very own orchestra.

Track tigers through the thick jungles of India or walk alongside elephants in Africa.

As day turns to night, witness the magic of the wild come alive under a thousand stars.


curated, personalised journeys


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Tailor-made Experiences

Imagine exploring untouched landscapes at your own pace and doing things on your own schedule. With our tailor-made safaris, you get to choose the dates, location, the category of accommodation and even the activities offered. It’s your safari, carefully tailored to fit your
unique needs.

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Privately Guided Experiences

Accompanied by a certified guide throughout your safari experience, get a deeper understanding of the forest as well as animal behavior, connect with the local communities and learn how to capture some of the most beautiful moments with the help of your camera. Above all, our guide’s well-rounded expertise ensures you have a holistic and an unforgettable experience in the wild.

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Fixed Group Departures

Whether you decide to go solo or with your friends and family on this social safari experience, you’re going to forge some long-lasting bonds with other wildlife enthusiasts on Ameliya’s fixed-itinerary adventures. Explore breathtaking landscapes and indulge in interesting conservations alongside a certified guide.

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Safari with Suyash

Embark on a transformative safari led by India’s renowned filmmaker & conservationist Suyash Keshari. Gain first-hand insights into animal behavior, tracking, and conservation from someone who has spent his entire life mastering his skills and knowledge about Wildlife. For a deeper glimpse of this experience, look up “India’s First Virtual Safari” on YouTube.

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Destination Management Services

Being a full-service destination management company, we provide an end-to-end service for groups (big or small), corporates, agencies, schools, and colleges looking for a holistic travel experience. As a DMC, Ameliya can handle all your logistics including flights, transfers, hotel and restaurant bookings, events, and local activities in addition to your safari experiences.

Beyond THE Ordinary


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What started as an individual’s passion to preserve our planet’s wild species has now become an organization that specializes in curating extraordinary luxury safari experiences. Our years of experience in the field has resulted particularly in great relationships with hospitality partners, government authorities and local communities in some of the best safari destinations which allows us to create the most extraordinary safari experiences for our guests.

Sunset on a safari experience with Ameliya Safaris
ameliya safaris

The eyes never forget what the heart has seen.

“I want to thank Suyash from the bottom of my heart for the best 5 days I’ve experienced in the wild. His thoughtfulness through every second of the tour is a gift I will always treasure.”
Shweta Sampath
“I go for so so so many trips and safaris and I can say without a doubt that this trip is definitely going to be my most recommended one! It was absolutely amazing!”
Saba Kapoor
“Wildlife has been very close to my heart since the very beginning but getting to learn so much from Suyash firsthand has amplified it to greater heights. ”
Mihir Vora
“Amazing experience at Ameliya Safaris! This was my first solo trip but I didn’t feel alone even for a moment.”
Varan Mittal


With more than 60 partner properties across wildlife destinations in India and Africa, each journey with Ameliya’s luxury safari experiences promise unparalleled luxury, comfort, and exclusive access to the wildest places on our planet.

Wildlife destination - India | Tiger | Ameliya Safaris

Homeland of the largest number of tigers, a stronghold to the last of Wild Asiatic Lions, and one-horned rhinos, India is known for its rich culture, history, and unparalleled hospitality.


Kenya is a wild oasis that’s well-known for its diverse habitats, from the endless savannah of Masai Mara to the lush forests, the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya, and pristine beaches, it’s beauty is bound to blow you away


Home to The Okavango Delta, Botswana offers unmatched exclusivity paired with the unique desert-to-delta experience, echoes of lions roaring in the Kalahari, and the view of zebra stripes dancing across Nxai Pan.

African Lion | Ameliya Safaris

This is the only place in the world where you can experience it all, from Africa’s Big 5 to marine creatures like short dolphins, whales, and seals. The city of Cape Town, Table Mountain, and the stunning vineyards are a sight to sore eyes.

Africann Destinations- Victoria falls

The beauty of Victoria Falls is surpassed only by the untouched plains that thunder as wildebeest & elephants migrate in their thousands. You might even spot rare shoebills or carmine bee-eaters as you map your journey across this untamed African wonderland.

wildlife safari destinations- Namibia | Ameliya safaris
A gorrilla in Rwanda- safari experiences with Ameliya


safari experience- tanzania landsacpe

Relax on the pristine beaches of Zanzibar Island or trek the volcanic highlands of Ngorongoro Crater. From Flamingo sightings and the iconic Acacias to luxury spas, Tanzania has something for every traveler.

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