Frequently Asked Questions

Each traveler has a unique set of questions they ask us before booking their Ameliya Experience. Our travel experts have compiled this list based on our guests’ most commonly asked questions, to help ease your journey. Click on any of the questions below to find the answer you’re looking for. If you’re curious about something other than what’s listed here, don’t hesitate to contact us

About Ameliya

  • PRIVATELY GUIDED: We create life-changing experiences that bring you face-to-face with the most iconic animals on our planet, with a highly qualified private guide by your side.
  • ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Every single Itinerary is scrutinized to its minutest details making sure you have a seamless experience.
  • COMMUNITY: Ameliya Guides ensure that you may arrive as guests but you leave as a part of our growing family.


  • CONSCIOUS FOOTPRINT: Partnerships with sustainable and fair-practice businesses to ensure a minimal impact on the ecosystem and community.

  • CONSERVATION FOCUSED: In addition to our ongoing projects, 5% of profits from every safari experience booked goes back into conservation & education. Read more about this on our impact page.

Ameliya is a luxury safari company with a conservation focus. We earmark 5% of proceeds from every itinerary towards conservation projects. So far Ameliya has electrified 175 Anti-Poaching camps with solar lamps, allowing rangers who up-until then had no source of light during darkness, to work more effectively. We have also equipped rangers with 200 raincoats, 250 pairs of shoes, 200 bags, and 225 solar-powered torches – all of which allow them to conduct their anti-poaching activities more effectively. Our safari experiences are tailor-made to your needs and carefully chosen for their positive impact on the people, places, and wildlife. 

We are also proud of our two waterholes built in the periphery of Bandhavgarh National Park in Central India, which are home to two families of tigers, in the home range of 4 leopards, three sloth bears, and also benefit thousands of herbivores and birds.

We believe that education is the backbone of wildlife conservation. Our efforts are focused on communities that live close to wild animals and children who will be the torch-bearers of the future. We facilitate these efforts through timely donations to educational programs of organizations such as The Last Wilderness Foundation and World Wildlife Fund.
You can learn more about our positive impact on this link

Yes, we can accommodate all special dietary requirements but need advance notice to ensure that all arrangements are in place. 
As for the medical conditions, please discuss the conditions with your travel advisor before your experience so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

Our cancellation policy varies depending on the type of safari package booked and the time of cancellation. We advise reviewing our terms and conditions or contacting us directly for specific details regarding cancellations and refunds.

For group departures, classic safaris and signature experiences, all cancellation policies are mentioned under the information tab of the specific itinerary. For all tailor made itineraries, our travel advisors share a cancellation policy according to the destination you are traveling to. 

About Travel

Ameliya covers a large portfolio of destinations and itineraries across India and Africa. Some popular ones include Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Ranthambore, Ladakh, Agra, Jaipur in India and Masai Mara, Serengeti, Okavango, Sabi Sands, Capetown and Zanzibar in Africa. It is advisable to drop an enquiry so a travel designer can be in touch with you and customise the experience according to your needs.

For a full list of destinations please click here. 

The best time for a safari can vary depending on the destination and the wildlife you want to see. For tiger safaris in India, we recommend travelling between October and June, and for snow leopards between November and March. Between July and October, several reserves are closed for the monsoon season, however, a few remain open and offer good wildlife sightings with smaller crowds. It is advisable to drop an inquiry so a travel designer can be in touch with you and customize the experience according to your needs.

Africa offers year-round game viewing across most locations. However, if watching the great migration is your priority, then we suggest going to Masai Mara between July and September or Serengeti between October and June. Please note that migration patterns change with time, and it is important to discuss your expectations with our travel designer beforehand. 

While Ameliya’s travel advisors do their best to accommodate our guests’ last-minute needs and requests, we strongly advise booking as far ahead in advance as possible to ensure the availability of accommodations. The best thing to do is to get in touch with us as soon as you think of a safari experience, whether it is this year or the next.

Here’s a general advisory that will help you with the decision-making process
For Indian parks, we recommend at least 4 -12 months notice, especially for a tiger/snow leopard experience, but lower lead times are possible depending on the locations and activities. Parks in India are regulated by the government and each reserve has a cap on the number of vehicles that can enter the park. If tickets are sold out, we are unable to book the safaris. 

For Africa, we recommend 6-10 months for the high season (June – October), and 2-4 months for the low season (November – April).

Yes, please feel free to reach out to us in case you want to get a customized itinerary according to your preferred destinations, accommodations, interests, and requirements. For e.g. number of days or friends and family members you want to travel with.

We strongly recommend that our travellers buy comprehensive travel and health insurance prior to coming on an Ameliya Safari experience. Should you require any assistance with purchasing such policies, our travel advisors will be happy to assist you. 

Practical colours to wear to the park are khaki, beige, olive and green in all seasons. Please avoid bright and flashy clothing and strong perfumes/deodorant. It is advisable not to wear closed loop shoes during nature walks.  

Here are some of our packing suggestions:

  •   Light cotton trousers & cotton shorts
  •   Light cotton shirts (long & short sleeved)
  •   Cotton socks & comfortable walking shoes
  •   Sandals & slippers 
  •   Shower proof rain jacket/ windbreaker
  •   Hats, sunglasses & scarves
  •   Sunscreen & Insect Repellents

For winters, pack extra:

  •   Heavy woollen clothing
  •   Woollen hats
  •   Scarves and gloves
  •   Fleece jackets


Yes! Ameliya provides an uncompromising and unparalleled level of personalization to its tailor- made and privately guided experiences. This process is time-intensive, incredibly detailed, authentic, thorough, and thoughtful. It may be uncommon for companies to charge a fee to plan your experiences – this is exactly what sets us apart. We are professionals who are confident of our in-depth expertise, tremendous value, and unparalleled service. 

If you’re a traveler who truly enjoys service of the highest standards and an itinerary driven by personalization, attention to detail, and proactiveness by your advisor – then Ameliya is the right fit for you. Before paying the planning fees, we must discuss your ideas and expectations over a quick call/zoom. This can help you understand our services and make an informed decision.

Our planning fee depends on the number of guests and the duration of your trip. Here’s a break-up-

For 1-5 people and less than 6 days, the planning fee is $300/ ₹25,000
For 5+ people and 6-10 days, the planning fee is $425/ ₹35,000
For 11-15 days, the planning fee is $550/ ₹45,000
For an experience that lasts more than 15 days, the planning fee is $665/ ₹55,000

** The planning fee is fully offset with the amount of your final booking, but non-refundable should your trip not materialize or get cancelled.
** 18% GST is applicable

We can help our clients book flights, private jets and helicopters and take care of arranging their visas and travel insurance along with coordinating their transfers. However, if you want to plan it on your own that is perfectly fine as well.

We will help you with as much information as possible from our side with regards to the costs. However due to various factors involved in planning a safari holiday such as safari tickets, government fee, vehicle fee, driver and guide fee, camera fee, transfers along with accommodation, meal, taxes, special experiences etc. it can be challenging for us to break down each and every component.

Having a budget in mind is a great starting point as it helps us tailor the itinerary, accommodations, and activities while still creating a memorable experience for you. That being said, Ameliya Safaris specializes in premium & luxury experiences and we’re not the brand to work with if you’re seeking a low-budget trip.

Tailor-made safari experiences don’t come cheap. They require an investment as they deliver an unparalleled level of personalization, comfort, the highest levels of service, and unforgettable memories. Each Ameliya Safaris experience is crafted around the guest’s specific interests, whether it’s focusing on wildlife photography, encountering rare species, or simply enjoying the peace and tranquillity of being in the wild. 

We hand-hold the guests from the minute they reach out to us until their trip concludes. Since these meticulously curated itineraries cater to your pace, preferences, and budget, ensuring that every moment is an extraordinary one, we strongly believe them to be truly priceless and worth every penny. 

We accept wire transfers, debit/credit cards and UPI payments. Please note that a 2% gateway fee is applicable for cards.