The Mababe Depression is a mosaic of floodplains, grasslands, and woodlands that provides a haven for a rich tapestry of wildlife. In the summer season, this Depression marsh fills with travelling waters- creating a wetland of some 2,600 hectares. Buffalo herds numbering in thousands cross grazing sites and large prides of lions follow close behind looking for the young, the weak, and the slow – Mababe is as dramatic as it gets.

Mababe at a glance

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A safari here will allow you to witness buffalo herds as far as the eye can see, iconic species such as elephants and giraffes roaming in a stunning landscape, and predators like lions and leopards hunting, stalking their prey, or simply lazing around in the bush. Avian life like raptors and waterfowl, and the secret world of hippos and crocodiles found during seasonal boat safaris simply add to the allure of the region’s wildlife.


Vast grasslands that provide core grazing areas for Botswana’s abundant herbivore life, Mopane woodlands with indiscriminate trees sheltering leopards and birds alike, and Wetlands that provide the region’s wildlife with water- a scarce life source around these parts

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 Lodged between the Okavango Delta, the Chobe National Park and Namibia’s Caprivi Strip, this wild and very remote area comprises three private wildlife reserves – Linyanti, Selinda, and Kwando – and access is limited to those visitors who have booked accommodation at one of the few private camps in the region.


Mababe offers year-round safari opportunities, with a climate similar to other southern African countries. The coldest and driest months are June to August while the hottest and wettest periods are in January and February with warm days and cool mornings/evenings. The rest of the year remains quite mild and pleasant. 

Dry Season


May to October

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November to April


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