An Ancient Wonderland

Nestled deep in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, this 1538 sq km haven is renowned for its dense tiger population – one of the highest in the world. As you embark on a safari through the diverse landscape of Bandhavgarh, you’ll soon notice that tigers aren’t the only beings that attract wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world.

Bandhavgarh at a Glance

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A hotspot for wildlife activity, Bandhavgarh National Park boasts its own Big Five- Tigers, Leopards, Gaurs, Elephants, and Sloth Bears. As your guide takes you through the trails, wait for them to explain the intricate details of how some of the world’s most fascinating insectivores and colossal herbivores manage to thrive alongside these apex predators.


The unique vegetation of this mixed deciduous forest plays a very specific role in the ecosystem- while the evergreen Sal trees maintain the lush cover of green even in the most sweltering weather conditions, Mahua trees (indigenous to Central India), produce fruits and flowers used to make country wine –  something that’s loved by herbivores and humans alike. These forested patches are interspersed with beautiful grasslands and rolling hills. 

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Things To Do in Bandhavgarh

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Nature Walk
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Night Safari
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BANDHAVGARH- The brother's fort.

Bandhavgarh derives its name from Hindu Mythology, wherein it’s believed that Lord Ram built a fort (garh in local tongue) on top of the plateau and gifted it to his brother (bandhav) Lakshman.

How to reach?

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Jabalpur is the closest airport to Bandhavgarh and it is about a 3.5 hours drive to the park. Jabalpur has regular flights from Delhi and Mumbai. The airport is soon going to have a new terminal, connecting more cities to Jabalpur.


Bandhavgarh is very well connected via a rail network. Nearest railway stations are:


Umaria: Just one hour’s drive from the station. Has a low frequency of trains from major cities.


Katni: Two and a half hours drive from the station. Good frequency of trains and better connection to other major cities.


Jabalpur: Three and a half hours journey from the station. Very well connected to major cities of India. 


Madhya Pradesh has excellent road connectivity and one can easily drive down to Bandhavgarh from nearby cities or other central Indian National parks. Distances from nearby cities/parks are: 

Jabalpur – 4 hrs

Khajuraho – 5 hrs

Prayagraj – 6 hrs


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Luxury accommodations with all modern amenities, large and spacious suites with viewing decks, and en-suite toilets. Charming and large common spaces, chef prepared three-course meals and award winning hospitality. Suitable for travelers looking for a luxury experience.

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Traditional safari lodges & camps with some modern amenities, spacious rooms. Large common spaces, chef prepared meals and impeccable service. Suitable for the discerning traveler.

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Rustic safari lodges with cozy spaces, basic room amenities and common areas, warm staff and home cooked meals. Perfect for the non-discerning traveler.


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Leopard | Ameliya Safaris
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