Where leopards and humans co-exist

Land of Leopards & Shepherds

The landscape of Jawai is remarkable and gives you an out-of-this-world feeling. Surrounded by hills and granite rocks, it’s a unique spot where humans, animals, and nature coexist harmoniously, making it a very unique safari destination. Located in the culturally rich state of Rajasthan, Jawai is a community-run Leopard Reserve managed entirely by the locals, with little to no government involvement. What makes Jawai so special is the famous nomadic tribe – The Rabaris, characterized by their big red turbans, livestock-rearing practices, and welcoming friendly nature. Book an Ameliya Experience here and fully immerse yourself in this land of Leopards & Shepherds. 

Jawai at a Glance

Leopard on Rock

Jawai is home to a wide variety of interesting animal and bird species, but there’s one predator that this sanctuary is famous for- The Indian Leopard. Being the apex predators of the region, leopards can be seen running wild and free in the rocky terrain of the Jawai, along with powerful herbivores like the Nilgai, the slender Indian Gazelle, crocodiles around the Jawai dam, and migratory birds such as flamingoes during the winter season. 


Located in the southern part of Rajasthan, it spans portions of the Aravalli Range, featuring rocky hills, scrubland, and water bodies that shape its unique environment. The rocky roads of Jawai are full of 850 Million-year-old boulders that used to be completely submerged in water at one point but are now the only structures standing tall on the barren land, along with a few patches of green in the form of Acacia and Dhok tree patches.

Jawai Landscape | Ameliya Safaris

Things To Do in Jawai

Jawai Safaris | Ameliya Safaris
Game Drives
Sundowner in Jawai | Ameliya Safaris
Visit to Jawai Dam
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Temple Visit
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Walk with the Rabaris
Sundowner | Ameliya Safaris
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Horse Riding

166 Years of Peace

Jawai is famous for the relationship shared by the Rabari Community and the Leopards wherein even if a leopard kills one of their beloved livestock animals, the Rabaris do not retaliate. As a result, there hasn’t been a single case of human-leopard conflict in the region for the past 166 years.

How to reach?

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Udaipur Airport (Maharana Pratap Airport) is one of the nearest airports to Jawai National   Park, located approximately 3 hrs away.


The nearest major railway station is Falna Railway Station, located around 35 kilometres away from Jawai National Park.


Jawai is well-connected by road.

Mount Abu – 2½  Hrs

Jodhpur – 3 Hrs 

Udaipur  – 3 Hrs



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