Panna National Park

The Emerald Forest

Established in 1981, Panna National Park has one of the most remarkable landscapes in India – with rolling hills, high plateaus with endless grasslands, scrub forests and thick treeline. Nestled in Madhya Pradesh’s Vindhyan Ranges, the park is flanked by the Ken River, which serves as a vital resource for wild animals. Once a hunting ground for royalty, Panna is now a protected area boasting tigers (which had once gone extinct in the area), leopards, sloth bears, and various deer species. and efforts are underway to reintroduce tigers.  

Panna at a Glance

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From apex predators to grazing herbivores, Panna has no dearth of awe-inspiring wildlife.  Tigers, leopards, and smaller cats such as Asiatic Wild Cat, Leopard Cat and the Rusty Spotted Cat – the smallest in the world, all found with a bit of luck on safari. Sloth bears emerge from rocky shelters. Sambar, India’s largest deer, graze alongside chital and chousingha – a four horned antelope. The open plains become a runway for nilgai and chinkara. This Tiger Reserve is home to more that 200 bird species and a seasonal host to many more! 


Panna National Park’s warm climate and rocky soils sculpt a landscape of dry teak and mixed forests. In this plateau-filled region, there are open grasslands, woodlands with tall grasses, and even thorny scrubland (the perfect conditions for striped hyenas and Indian wolves). The park is a tapestry of greens and browns, with seasonal rivers adding a touch of life.

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Things To Do in Panna

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From 0 to 75 Tigers

In 2008, due to rampant poaching and lack of security, the Panna Tiger reserve found itself without a single tiger. Through countless efforts and multiple re-introduction attempts by the Forest Department, the tiger population was finally restored in Panna after a decade of hard work. From local extinction of tigers to numbers reaching above 75, roaming free in and around the reserve, Panna is the best example of sustained conservation efforts. 

How to reach?

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Khajuraho Airport (IATA: HJR) is the nearest airport to Panna Tiger Reserve, located approximately 25 kilometres away.


Khajuraho Railway Station is the nearest railhead to Panna Tiger Reserve.


Panna Tiger Reserve is well-connected by road to major cities and towns in Madhya Pradesh.

Jabalpur – 5 Hrs

Kanpur – 5 Hrs

Gwalior – 5 Hrs



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Rustic safari lodges with cozy spaces, basic room amenities and common areas, warm staff and home cooked meals. Perfect for the non-discerning traveler.


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