Our Motto

“What we can see, we can love, and what we can love, we will fight to protect.”

Our story and Mission | Ameliya Safaris
Our Story and Mission | Ameliya Safaris
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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people with the lives as well as stories of the most iconic animals on our planet, in effect inspiring positive action among our guests. This connection will encourage them to be a part of the solution to the challenges faced by said animals, their habitats, and the surrounding human communities.

We achieve this by creating life-changing luxury safaris for our guests, which are undeniably a delicate combination of the right planning, seamless service, beautiful accommodations, as well as some extraordinary experiences in the most remarkable destinations in the world. 

Protect | Empower | Sustain

Our Vision

To multiply our positive impact towards wildlife conservation efforts by scaling our initiative multifold. We aim to build 100 self-sustaining waterholes in water-scarce areas across the globe, equip 500 anti-poaching units with essential amenities, generate alternative sources of income for locals living alongside wildlife, and fund educational programs in these regions.

Our vision goes beyond the ordinary, and so does our approach. We seek to fulfill this vision by being the industry leader in tailor-made safari experiences, delivering the most sought after itineraries for our guests, and using a part of the proceeds to fund conservation projects.

Our story | watching over okavango delta
our story | dipping your hand in water on a boat safari in Africa
A boy, his grandfather, and a tigress

Our Story

Our story began a few decades ago in the backyard of a quaint Central Indian household, where our founder inherited his grandfather’s affection for animals. This affection, coupled with curiosity towards wildlife was what led him on countless trails, treks, and safaris. One of these trips resulted in a chance encounter with Solo- the tigress who taught him more about life than any book or person ever could. Her story ignited a passion in him to conserve the world’s wild spaces. However, as he grew older, he chose to listen to the world around him- telling him to pursue a career outside of wildlife, ignoring the voice inside. 

Until the day he decided to turn it around. That’s the day Ameliya was born.

Our story : eye contact with a tiger | best places to see tigers in india
When our founder took the call to trade his job for a career in wildlife, he had no idea it would one day turn into a business aimed at protecting, exploring, and expanding the world’s wilderness. He had just set out to influence people across the globe about the beauty and importance of wild spaces, which he did, through his impactful series about India’s big cats that WWF International later undertook- calling it ‘Safari With Suyash’. That could have been the end of it, but then came the requests…
  • 2019
our story : an individual-led initiative | Ameliya Safaris
Thus began the phase where Ameliya Safaris saw steady, multi-faceted growth- on one end we hosted hundreds of guests on luxury privately guided experiences, including celebrities, sports personalities, and political figures. On the other end, we were fueling anti-poaching efforts, building waterholes and restoring wild habitats, conducting educational drives, and coming up with a conservation apparel line - an initiative that allowed more people to contribute to our conservation efforts. During this time our founder also received India’s 30 under 30 Award, was named one of the Top 5 Wildlife Professionals in India, and covered in over 350 magazines, newspapers, and channels.
  • 2021-2023
Our Timeline
our story | Founder Suyash Keshari on a Safari
Everyone wanted to experience what a safari with this young wildlife expert would entail, Safari with Suyash (now Ameliya Safaris) became a rapidly growing business that started giving back to conservation right off the bat. Our first project was focused on how to battle the primary threat to wildlife - Poaching. We equipped Bandhavgarh’s anti-poaching camps and guards with the right tools and amenities to protect themselves and the wild species that called these jungles home.
  • 2020
Eye contact with a lion | Our story | Ameliya Safaris
But he had a bigger vision - beyond Ameliya Safaris. A vision with a wider reach and appeal, bringing more professionals into the fold, creating opportunities for positive impact, and continuing to provide life-changing luxury safari experiences at a greater scale. Ameliya Safaris - launched as a collective surpassing the individual.
  • 2024

Ameliya's story is not that of a long-standing organization that has stood the test of time- yet.

It’s of a Collective born of a single person’s initiative, a company with deep roots, growing deeper by the day.

Extraordinary Experiences

The Ameliya Difference

The Ameliya Ethos
Connecting people with nature is at the heart of everything we do. We achieve this by blending luxury safari experiences with conservation & social impact, while ensuring the highest level of service and forming meaningful connections.