Protecting Wildlife & Habitats

A crisis for the collective

The threats to our planet’s wilderness are diverse, complex, and highly interrelated.

It is our responsibility to eradicate as many of them as possible.
The protocol is to protect, develop, and restore these habitats through our efforts, and with your support. 

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The Solution

Time and again we’ve witnessed the resilience of our natural world, and if enough people re-establish the deep connection we once shared with this world, we can aid the planet in restoring its original glory. As a conservation-focused hospitality company, our goal through our safaris and impact projects is protecting the wildlife & habitats. In other words, to evoke love and passion towards wildlife in the hearts & minds of people across the globe, urging them to play a part in preserving our beautiful natural heritage. 

Through years of trial and error, we’ve developed a unique business model that enables us to protect, explore, and expand wild spaces on our planet. Each initiative we support is critical in helping us achieve this vision, together.

our philosophy is simple

What we can see, we can love. And what we can love, we will fight to protect

The highest contributing factor to our conservation efforts is the profit from Amelia Safari Experiences, wherein 5% of profits from every safari experience booked goes back into conservation & education. Along with this, 100% of the profit from our Apparel sales  is earmarked solely for these projects that not only aim to conserve wildlife but also to improve working conditions and survival rate of the true Guardians of the Wilderness- The Forest Rangers

A glimpse into the projects we’ve undertaken in the past 2 years

Building waterholes for wildlife in water-scarce areas. We are proud of our two waterholes built in the periphery of Bandhavgarh National Park in Central India, which are home to two tiger families, in the home range of 4 leopards, three sloth bears and also thousands of herbivores and birds.
  • Habitat Development
Active response to natural & man-made calamities such as forest fires to minimise its adverse impacts. Working with authorities to regenerate lost habitats and support reconstruction & restoration efforts.
  • Habitat restoration
Our Initiatives
We have electrified 175 Anti-Poaching camps with solar lamps, allowing rangers who up-until then had no source of light during darkness, to work more effectively. We have also equipped rangers with 200 raincoats, 250 pairs of shoes, 200 bags and 225 solar powered torches - all of which allows them to conduct their anti-poaching activities in a more effective manner.
  • Anti Poaching
Impact | Education | Suyash Keshari | Ameliya safaris
We believe that education is the backbone of wildlife conservation. Our efforts are focused towards communities that live in close proximity to wild animals and children who will be the torch-bearers of the future. We facilitate these efforts through timely donations to educational programs of organizations such as The Last Wilderness Foundation and World Wildlife Fund’s.
  • Education
Want to be a part of the initiative?

There are two ways to contribute to our ongoing efforts


Click to watch how Safari with Suyash and Ameliya Safaris built two waterholes in the periphery of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in a water-scarce area. Within days, this drew the herbivores and a family of tigers. This effort restored a degraded piece of land and made it a viable habitat for animals.


Through this project, we were able to electrify all 175 Anti-Poaching Camps in Bandhavgarh through solar lamps, we were able to equip 250+ forest staff with shoes, raincoats, bags, and solar torches that will help them in their night patrols