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To have an expert by your side is an unmatched luxury and privilege. 

"A good guide can open the eyes of the traveler. A great guide can open their heart."

–  John Steinbeck, Nobel Prize winning Author

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Ameliya Safaris
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Ameliya’s dedicated Private Guides and Safari Directors elevate your experience every step of the way, from the moment you arrive till the time you depart. And even beyond.

Your private guides are certified naturalists with expertise in tracking wildlife, animal behavior, birding and photography. They are your gateway to finding a deeper and more meaningful connection with nature.  They’re with you round the clock – as a facilitator of unmatched comfort, as wine connoisseurs and dinner companions, as photography mentors and conservationists; as helpers, storytellers, and friends.

Our guides are everything you want them to be, and more.  


Deep knowledge of the Natural World
Impeccable Service
and Hospitality
Interpreters & Translators
Creators of Special Experiences
Education About Wildlife
Photography Mentorship
Help and support
every step of the way

Some of our recent itineraries

Unique and authentic Privately Guided Safaris

The Experience (I)

A 6-day experience in Masai Mara with Suyash Keshari as the Private Guide. The guests learned about wildlife, tracking and conservation as they traveled around the savannah on game drives, night safaris, and walking safaris, following the Great Migration. These learning experiences were complemented by daily bush breakfasts, G&T sundowners, experiential meals amidst the African wilderness complimented by Suyash’s captivating way of telling stories and connecting with the guests at a personal level.

The Review

“This was my first trip outside of India but I didn’t feel vulnerable for even a second. The experience, hospitality, the people, and most importantly our host- Suyash and his fantastic team went over and above in making me feel comfortable. The safaris were action-packed from the very first drive, and I fell in love with everything we saw. Even the birds and common mammals which I did not expect to appreciate as much as the big cats. Suyash made us feel incredibly special and completely at-home.” – Saurabh 

Giraffe | Ameliya Safaris
Cheetah | Ameliya Safari
Ameliya Safaris
Ameliya Safaris
The Experience (II)

A 4-day experience in Satpura National Park in Central India with Sujatro – a highly trained Ameliya Naturalist and Private Guide. The daily safaris included a great learning experience about endemic species of the region with a special focus on wildlife photography. The sightings in this tour were extraordinary: a sloth bear mother with two cubs on her back, a leopard descending from the tree, and wild dogs playing with each other. But what was the most special was witnessing a tiger swimming across the river while on a boat safari experience. 

The Review

“This was the most epic experience of my life. 
I got really good and rare photos, the sightings were phenomenal and Sujatro helped me learn so much about my camera and shooting techniques. My memory cards were full! I also enjoyed the village visit and got incredible shots of local people and of women working in the fields. I even got a chance to be a part of the Holi Festival and play with colors. Can’t wait to explore more locations next time I come to India.”

 — Giovanna 

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Extraordinary Experiences

The Ameliya Difference

pure | untamed | natural


Start your morning with a fresh cup of coffee as you get ready for the day listening to nature’s very own orchestra.

Track tigers through the thick jungles of India or walk alongside elephants in Africa.

As day turns to night, witness the magic of the wild come alive under a thousand stars.


The Ameliya Ethos
Connecting people with nature is at the heart of everything we do. We achieve this by blending luxury safari experiences with conservation & social impact, while ensuring the highest level of service and forming meaningful connections.