Kaziranga National Park

THe Land of the Unicorns

Established in 1905, Kaziranga is one of India’s oldest National Parks and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located between the floodplains of the Brahmaputra river and the Karbi hills, Kaziranga is immensely rich in biodiversity. It is the best place in the world to see Indian One-horned Rhinos, up, close. The park has its own big 5- Rhino, Elephant, Asiatic Water Buffalo, Tiger, and Swamp Deer along with a staggering bird count of over 500 different species!

Kaziranga at a Glance


Kaziranga is proudly home to its own Big 5 – Rhino, Elephant, Water Buffalo, Tiger and Swamp Deer.  The park ecosystem has recorded over 500 different avian species, along with rare mammals such as the Western Hoolock Gibbon- the only ape species living in India.


The tropical moist deciduous forests of Kaziranga are set between the floodplains of Brahmaputra on one side and Karbi Anglong Hills on the other. It makes for a diverse habitat ranging from tall elephant grasses to towering Hollong trees. This mosaic of  landscape supports a wide variety of species, some even endemic to the region. 

Things To Do in Kaziranga

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The Golden Tiger

While Kaziranga is world-famous for its One-horned Rhino population, a recent discovery has thrilled wildlife lovers across the world. A few tigers in Kaziranga are Golden! Due to a genetic anomaly, the usually black stripes are brown in these individuals and their coats are light golden colour instead of vibrant orange. If lucky one might just spot one of the rarest tigers of the world ever!

How to reach?

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Guwahati Airport is the nearest 


Khajuraho Railway Station is the nearest railhead to Panna Tiger Reserve.


Panna Tiger Reserve is well-connected by road to major cities and towns in Madhya Pradesh.

Jabalpur – 5 Hrs

Kanpur – 5 Hrs

Gwalior – 5 Hrs



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