Pench National Park

The Land of Kipling's Jungle Book

Named after the winding Pench River that flows through its heart, this National Park is a collection of verdant forests, meadows, and hills, filled with diverse wildlife. It’s mainly recognized for its high concentration of leopards, tigers, wild dogs along with 40 other species of mammals and 300+ species of birds. There is also a famous although elusive black leopard in Pench buffer that attracts people from all across the world.

Pench at a Glance

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What attracts most of the visitors here is the park’s tiger population, but don’t be surprised if you end up seeing more leopards than tigers. Despite being notoriously secretive and solitary creatures, leopards of Pench do not shy away from gracing visitors with their presence. Some other animals that you can expect to see roaming free through Pench’s jungles are chital, sambar deer, sloth bears, and even jungle cats! Pench is also one of the best places in India to see the wild dogs (Dholes)


Pench National Park’s vegetation is a mosaic of forests, grasslands, and meadows. Dense teak forests dominate the region, interspersed with tendu and bamboo groves. Lush green riverine zones flank the Pench River, while drier areas boast hardy shrubs and grasses. This variety provides a habitat for all sorts of wildlife, from grazing herbivores to elusive predators.

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Things To Do in Pench

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Night Safari
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Nature Walk
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Following Mowgli's Footsteps

The Pench National Park served as inspiration to Rudyard Kipling while writing one of our favourite children’s books – The Jungle Book. If locals and their tales are to be believed, there lived a boy who was actually raised by the wolves in the jungles of Pench and had a black leopard and bear as his best friends.

How to reach?

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Nearest Airport: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport (IATA: NAG) in Nagpur is the nearest airport to Pench National Park, located approximately 90 to 100 kilometres away.


Nearest Railway Station: Nagpur Junction is the nearest major railway station to Pench National Park, situated around 90 to 100 kilometres away.


Pench National Park is well-connected by road to major towns and cities in both Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Nagpur – 2 Hrs

Jabalpur – 4 Hrs

Raipur  – 6½ Hrs 



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Traditional safari lodges & camps with some modern amenities, spacious rooms. Large common spaces, chef prepared meals and impeccable service. Suitable for the discerning traveler.

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Traditional safari lodges & camps with some modern amenities, spacious rooms. Large common spaces, chef prepared meals and impeccable service. Suitable for the discerning traveler.


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