"There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful, vast and unique as ours."

— Suyash Keshari

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Ameliya Safaris as your DMC in India and Africa

As a full-service destination management company, we provide an end-to-end service for groups (big or small), corporations, agencies, schools, and colleges looking for a holistic travel experience. As a DMC Ameliya can handle all your logistics including flights, transfers, hotel and restaurant bookings and even events and local activities in addition to your safari experiences.

Thinking of extending your trip to explore hidden gems of the country or its cultural destinations? Or want to kick back, and relax at a pristine beach? Or you have a large group that wants a comprehensive itinerary and all the logistics to be handled by a single company?  Or you are an agent with no experience with India or Africa and want to partner with a reliable brand? With Ameliya’s Destination management services, you will be assigned a travel director from the moment of your booking, until you finish your trip. 

Forget the long hours spent browsing online resources, looking up accommodation options, restaurants, and countless activities to choose from – all the while hoping to have a hassle-free experience in a completely foreign destination. Let Ameliya take care of everything, so you can focus on creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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Taj Mahal | Ameliya Safaris
Jodhpur Fort View | Ameliya safaris
Fort View | Ameliya Safaris
Jal Mahal | Ameliya Safaris
Temple | Ameliya Safaris
Triund Trek | Ameliya Safaris
Lake View | Ameliya Safaris
Varanasi Ghat | Ameliya Safaris
Tea Gardening Scenic View | Ameliya safaris
Cape Peninsula | Ameliya safaris
Cape Peninsula
Victoria Falls | Ameliya Safaris
Victoria Falls
Zanzibar Beach | Ameliya Safaris


A recent itinerary where Ameliya served as a DMC for a Wellness & Wildlife retreat.

Ameliya Safaris

Ameliya Safaris served as a DMC for Soul Safari, founded by Jacquie Gauthier, a Yoga Teacher, Radio & TV Presenter, and Author. Jacquie hosts Wellness & Wildlife retreats across Africa and was planning to host a large group of travelers in India. She wanted an itinerary that would be true to India’s Spirit- a blend of history, culture, wellness, and wildlife. The 10-day itinerary began with 18 guests from different parts of the world arriving in Delhi and being greeted by an Ameliya representative. They headed to their hotel for drinks & dinner, before retiring to their rooms for the night. The next morning, they were on the road to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, where they would meet our ground team, along with Suyash Keshari,- ready to begin this journey.

The next few days established a rhythm for the group- of early mornings on safari, searching for tigers, leopards, bears, and other animals. Picnic breakfasts under the open sky and afternoons filled with wellness activities like chakra balancing and Yoga sessions with Jacquie. 

Privately Guided safaris | Ameliya Safaris

Evenings were a time for celebration by the fire, with a sampling of traditional Indian beverages and chef-crafted meals. They visited ancient temples and a tribal village, interacted with the communities, and had a cooking session to learn about Indian cuisine.

After 7 days in Bandhavgarh, the group went back to Delhi for a night’s rest and was on a speed train to Agra the next morning, where they spent two days exploring the local markets, visiting cultural landmarks, and enjoying the local cuisine. Their last morning in the city was dedicated to witnessing the sunrise at the Taj Mahal – the best and most peaceful time to visit this man-made wonder. 

On the last day of their tour, the guests came back to Delhi for their onward international transfers. The group said their goodbyes with a heavy heart but remain connected to this day through our WhatsApp channel.

Taj Mahal | Ameliya Safaris
Jacquie Review

I first came to meet Suyash virtually while I was in Africa. One of my clients had introduced us after I’d mentioned my dream of seeing tigers in the wild to them! We emailed for a week and Soul Safari India was born, with bookings coming in right away. Covid hit, but we stayed connected.

Finally, in 2023, we met in person for the magical inaugural Soul Safari India trip. We crafted a perfect itinerary with yoga, meditation, bush walks, cultural visits, and amazing safaris. Every detail was meticulously cared for. The Ameliya team and their hospitality partners are the best in the business. You can trust them to deliver a superior experience for you and your guests. I look forward to many more adventures in India and so grateful to be hosting here next year too.”

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