Satpura National Park

The land of the Seven Hills

Seven of the highest peaks in Central India are in Satpura

Satpura is one of the most diverse forests in peninsular India, and also the biggest tiger reserve in Central India covering over 2,200 square kilometers with 3 distinct parts – Pachmarhi, a biosphere reserve with its dense jungles and highest peaks in the region, Bori, a sanctuary with its scrub forests and grasslands, and Satpura with its undulating terrain and rivers crisscrossing an old-growth forest. From sandstone peaks rising above eroded valleys to pristine backwaters that transform the landscape, and a forest that will move your senses, Satpura is a magical wonder unlike any other. The park was also nominated for UNESCO’s Natural World Heritage site, and once you embark on a safari adventure here, you’ll understand why.

Satpura at a Glance

Sloth Bear | Ameliya Safaris

Much like Bandhavgarh, Satpura National Park has its own famous five- 5 animals that serve as the biggest tourist attraction in the region. These include Tigers, Leopards, Sloth Bear, Indian Gaur, and the park’s mascot- the Giant Indian Squirrel. But if you spot a couple of Langur Monkeys, freshwater Crocodiles, Sambar Deer or one of the 300 species of birds that call Satpura their home, pause and take it in – and you may just fall in love!


The park consists mainly of teak forests and tends to get very hot in the summer. A dry deciduous forest with rocky terrain, Satpura National Park boasts beautiful backwaters, patches of meadows, and grasslands in and around the Bori Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Things To Do in Satpura

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Night Safari
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Boat Safari
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Do you know ?

Satpura was first explored by Commander James Forsyth of Bengal Lancers in 1862 while searching for Indian political dissident Tatya Tope, and he soon popularised the place amongst British officials.

How to reach?

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The nearest airport to Satpura Tiger Reserve is Raja Bhoj Airport in Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh.


The nearest major railway stations is Itarsi, Sohagpur, Pipariya & Narmadapuram Junction, well-connected to various cities in India. Itarsi is approximately 90 kilometres from Satpura Tiger Reserve.


Satpura Tiger Reserve is well-connected by road. If you are travelling by your vehicle, the reserve is accessible by road from neighboring cities like Bhopal, Hoshangabad, and Itarsi.”


Bhopal – 3hrs

Hoshanngabad – 40 mins

Itarsi – 30 mins


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Denwa Backwater Escape | Ameliya Safaris



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